The Ultimate Journey Podcast ~ Awakening To Spirit

Episode #35: Intro To Subliminals ~ To Help with Anxiety & Depression (Free Gift)

March 26, 2021

This episode contains a free gift; two MP3 subliminal recordings to help you alleviate “Anxiety & Depression”. I briefly discuss what subliminal recordings are and how they can help reprogram your subconscious mind. Click this link HERE to download the WAV files so you can listen to them in full spectrum. For many, the MP3 format may be enough however, the Wav file is uncompressed and offers the greatest subliminal potential. If you are subscribed to Podbean (The Ultimate Journey Awakening To Spirit’s hosting platform) you can leave a comment and let me know how you make out. And if you love the results, you can subscribe, like and share this podcast with a friend. You can also download these recordings via my website through the popup Special Offer to podcast listeners.     

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